Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. Communicating Technology and Mobility: A Material Rhetoric for Transportation. Series: Routledge Studies in Technical Communication, Rhetoric, and Culture (2016). Winner, CCCC Best Book in Technical or Scientific Communication, 2018

Edited Collection

Richards, Daniel P., Tim Amidon, and Ehren Helmut PflugfelderSIGDOC ’19 Proceedings of the 37th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication Portland, Oregon — October 04 – 06, 2019.

Articles & Chapters

Accepted and Forthcoming

  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut, Ruth E. Sylvester, Marisa Yerace, and Matthew Fuller. “Making the Midcentury, Modern.” Under revision for Rhetoric Review.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren H, and Shannon Kelly. “Listening Otherwise: Arboreal Rhetorics and Tree-Human Relations.” Accepted for Decolonial Conversations in Posthuman & New Material Rhetorics.


  • Amidon, Timothy R., Nielsen, Alex C., Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut, Richards, Daniel P., Stephens, Sonia H. “Visual Risk Literacy in “Flatten the Curve” COVID-19 Visualizations.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication 31, no. 1 (2021): 101-109. DOI: 10.1177/1050651920963439
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Autonomous Vehicles and Gender: A Commentary” Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies8, no. 1 (2018): 104-111. DOI: 10.3167/TRANS.2018.080108
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “The Role of Metisin Revising Automotive Recall Letters.” In Posthuman Praxis in Technical Communication, edited by Kristen R. Moore and Daniel Richards, 199-216. New York: Routledge, 2018. ISBN 9780815384854.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Failure Matters: Conflicting Technein a High-Tech Case.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication48, no. 1 (2018): 31-52. DOI: 10.1177/0047281616662984
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Methodologies: Design Studies and Techne.” In Rhetoric and Experience Architecture, edited by Liza Potts and Michael J. Salvo, 166-183. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press, 2017. ISBN: 1602359601
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Explain Like I’m Five: Technical Descriptions in the Wild.” Technical Communication Quarterly 26, no. 1 (2017): 25-41. DOI: 10.1080/10572252.2016.1257741
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Rhetoric’s New Materialism: from Micro-Rhetoric to Microbrews.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 45, no. 5 (2015): 441-461. DOI: 10.1080/02773945.2015.1082616 Article selected for: Rhetoric & Change: A Free Access Article Collection in Collaboration with the Rhetoric Society of America (RSA)
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Is No one at the Wheel?: Nonhuman Agency and Agentive Movement” In Thinking with Bruno Latour in Rhetoric and Composition, edited by Paul Lynch and Nathaniel Rivers, 176-200. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 2015.
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  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. ““Running with the Big Dogs”: The Rhetoric of Fan Identity in a Postmodern NASCAR.” In Motorsports and American Culture: From Demolition Derbies to NASCAR, eds. Mark D. Howell and John D. Miller. 87-102. Plymouth, UK: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Big Data, Big Questions.” Communication Design Quarterly 1, no. 4 (2013): 18-22. DOI: 10.1145/2524248.2524253
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “The Minimalist Approach to Online Instructional Videos.” Technical Communication 60, no. 2 (2013): 131-146.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Translucency, Coursepacks, and the Post-Historical University: An Investigation into Pedagogical Things.” College English 74, no. 3 (2012): 247-267.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Sustaining Knowledge Work in Student Engineering Clubs.” Proceedings of the International Professional Communication Conference, IEEE International Cincinnati, OH (October, 2011): 1-7. DOI: 10.1109/IPCC.2011.6087199
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  • Salvo, Michael J., Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder, and Joshua Prenosil. “The Children of Aramis.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication 40, no. 3 (2010): 245-263.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut.Something Less than a Driver: Toward an Understanding of Gendered Bodies in Motorsport.” Journal of Sport & Social Issues 33, no. 4 (2009): 411-426.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Finding Context: Teaching about Class through Local History.” Diversity & Democracy: Civic Learning for Shared Futures 11, no. 3 (2008): 15-17.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Divine Excess: The Logic of General Economics in The Enormous Room.” In Words into Pictures: E. E. Cummings’ Art Across Borders, eds. Jiri Flajsar and Zeno Vernyik. 90-107. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. “Teaching to a Different Crowd.” Working-Class Notes 2, no. 1 (2007): 3-4.

Book Reviews

  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. Review of Composition and Copyright: Perspectives on Teaching, Text-Making and Fair Use, ed. Steve Westbrook. Computers & Composition 27, no. 3 (2010): 235-237.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. Review of The Internet Imaginaire, by Patrice Flichy. The Journal of Technical Writing and Communication 40, no. 1 (2010): 102-106.
  • Pflugfelder, Ehren Helmut. Review Essay of Originality, Imitation, and Plagiarism: Teaching Writing in the Digital Age, eds.Caroline Eisner and Martha Vicinus, Pluralizing Plagiarism: Identities, Contexts, Pedagogies, eds. Rebecca Moore Howard and Amy E. Robillard, and Plagiarism: Alchemy and Remedy in Higher Education by Bill Marsh, Composition Forum 19 (2009): n.p.

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